Voting method - Australia

Voting method
Personal Postal

Personal voting is pre-poll voting, at most Australian diplomatic offices. 


Australia, Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 [Compilation date: 8 March 2019; Includes amendments up to: Act No. 2, 2019], accessed 21 November 2019

Postal:  s 184(3) ‘an application outside Australia shall be made to ...’  See also s 194(1A).  And Sch 2(1), grounds for postal voting include ‘throughout … polling day elector will be absent from State or Territory’.

Personal:  s 80 permits polling booths without geographic restriction; s 200BA permits pre-pollvoting centres anywhere.   s 33 ‘Assistant Returning Officers … at a place outside Australia’.  S 200C provides elector can apply for pre-polling to returning officer ‘outside Australia'.  (Special provision is also made for personal voting by Antarctic electors:  Part XVII of Act)

Australian Electoral Commission website:  ‘Providing they are currently enrolled, electors who are overseas can vote either in person at most Australian overseas embassies ormissions, or by applying for a postal vote [...]’ (updated 18 May 2019, last checked 21 November 2019).