Voting method - Mongolia

Voting method

Low on Election (2015, last amended in 2016)

Article 94. Voting of citizens residing in a foreign country

94.1. A voter shall obtain a ballot paper along with its envelope and mark the name of a candidate he/she supports according to the instruction on the ballot paper in a voting booth. /This article was amended on May 05, 2016 by law/

94.2. A voter shall put the ballot paper in its envelope and seal it, and put in the ballot box after he/she marks his/her vote.

94.3. In the event a voter marks his/her ballot paper incorrectly, he/she may obtain a ballot paper once again before casting it into the ballot box, informing the sub-commission about it and returning back the spoiled ballot paper.

94.4. The sub-commission shall cut off the upper right corner of the taken back ballot paper, make a report and store thereof.

94.5. A citizen residing in a foreign country shall abide by the procedures for voting in a polling station to vote, unless otherwise provided in the procedure for voting.

OSCE/ODIHR Limited Election Observation Mission Final Report: Presidential Election, 26 June and 7 July 2017

“Voters who wished to vote abroad had to apply to diplomatic missions from 1 to 20 May. Whereas in previous presidential elections citizens were required to apply in person, for this election they could also apply online. Some 7,209 citizens registered for out-of-country voting.”