Voting method - Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
Voting method
Postal Proxy

Electoral Ordinance 1988 (Ordinance No. 21 OF 1988) as published on 31 July 2017

23. Application for postal vote

(1) Any elector may by making application delivered to the registration officer apply to be allowed to vote in a referendum or at an election by post ("an application for a postal vote"). […]

23A. Facilities for voting overseas

(1) The Governor may by Order make provision enabling an elector to make application to the Registration Officer to be registered as a postal voter at an address in the United Kingdom to which postal ballot papers for completion by the elector may be sent. […]

27. Application for proxy vote

(1) Any elector may apply to the registration officer to be permitted to vote by proxy.

(1A) An application must be

(a) handed personally to the Registration Officer (or left at the office of the Registration Officer);

(b) sent by post to the Registration Officer;

(c) sent by fax to the Registration Officer; or

(d) sent by e-mail to the Registration Officer. […]