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Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2001, last amended in 2016)

Article 1.1 This law shall regulate the election of the members and the delegates of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and shall stipulate the principles governing the elections at all levels of authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Article 1.5 (1) All BiH citizens who have the right to vote, pursuant to this Law, shall have the right to vote in person in the municipality of their permanent residence.

(2) A BiH citizen, who is temporarily residing abroad and has the right to vote, shall be entitled to vote in person (by appearing at an appropriate polling station in BiH or at a diplomatic and consular representation office of BiH abroad) or by mail (sending the ballot by mail) for the municipality where the person had the permanent place of residence prior to his or her departure abroad, provided that he or she is registered as a permanent resident in that municipality at the moment of submitting his or her application for out-of-country vote.