Voting method - Mozambique

Voting method

Electoral Law of Mozambique Act n. 7/ 2004

ARTICLE 11. Mozambicans residing abroad

1. Citizens who reside and have been registered abroad can exercise their voting rights at their Republic of Mozambique embassies and consulates.

2. The electoral acts can only take place after the National Electoral Commission has verified that the necessary material conditions and the control mechanisms, follow up and inspection of thesaid acts, in the region or regions of the electoral district

3. In the absence ofthe acts referred to in the previous point the National Electoral Commission shall redistribute to the other electoral districts the mandates of the electoral districts of the Mozambican communities abroad, in accordance with the criteria set in the present law.

Also: Zefanias Matsimbe 2009 'Chapter 9: Mozambique' IN Denis Kadima and Susan Booysen (eds) Compendium of Elections in Southern Africa 1989-2009: 20 Years of Multiparty Democracy, EISA, Johannesburg, 323.

"From 2004, citizens living abroad were allowed to register and vote."

Most recent version of the electoral law does not contain any changes in out of country voting operations: 

Mozambique, Law No. 2/2019 in 31 May 2019, accessed 16 September 2019