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Voting method
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Thailand, Organic Act on Election of Members of the House of Representatives B. E. 2561 (2018), accessed 21 February 2019

Section 109. In general election being not the re-election, eligible voters with residence outside the kingdom may request to be registered in order to exercise voting right particularly for that season in a country where his or her residence locates.

Upon having been registered under paragraph one, eligible voters shall exercise voting right following provision under Section 110 and Section 111.

Provision under Section 107 paragraph four and Section 108 shall be applied mutatis mutandis, except in the part concerning the date being specified to exercise voting right the Commission may specify differently in each country following appropriate consideration.

Section 110. In the case where there are registered eligible voters to exercise voting right in any country, the Commission or person entrusted by the Commission shall manage to organise for voting in that country, organising vote casting venue or vote by post or by other means being not organising voting venue may be applicable, in this regard consideration shall be complied appropriately with that country, and shall follow rules, procedures, and conditions prescribed by the Commission.

Section 111. When the request to exercise voting right is made under Section 109, such eligible voter shall have no right to cast vote in polling station where his or her name is in the voter roll of that polling station.