Voting method - Montserrat

Voting method
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Montserrat, Election Act 2008, accessed 10 September 2019

12. (1) Subject to the provisions of subsection (2), every person who—

(a) has attained the age of eighteen years; and

(b) is not a person of unsound mind so found under any law in force in Montserrat; and

(c) is a Commonwealth citizen; and

(d) has resided in Montserrat for 36 months immediately preceding the date of registration as a voter or is domiciled in Montserrat and is resident therein at the date of such registration; and

(e) is not disqualified under the provisions of this Act from being registered as a voter;

shall be entitled to be registered as a voter and, when registered, to vote at an election:

Providing that a person who is domiciled in Montserrat may, if he is not resident at the date of registration as a voter, nevertheless be registered as a voter and vote, if he is out of the country to follow a recognized course of full time study or training and obtains a certificate to that effect from the Ministry of Education. (Amended by Acts 11 of 1980, 2 of 2000 and 16 of 2000)