Voting method - Pakistan

Voting method

Internet voting was first implemented on 14 October, 2018 for bye-elections in 37 constituencies. 


Election Commission of Pakistan: Amendment to the Election Rules 2017, S.R.O. 1166(I)2018, from 29 September 2018, accessed 7 November 2018

84B: Voting procedure for Overseas Pakistanis.

On polling day, the voter shall log in to the overseas voting system using his username and password and shall avail the voting option form the system for casting his vote in respect of his National Assembly, or, as the case may be, Provincial Assembly Constituency by entering unique passcode:

Provided that by going through designated list of candidates of selected constituency, the voter shal cast his vote by selecting his desired candidate:

Provided further that upon successful submission of vote, a "confirmation" message shall be displayed on the screen.

Internet voting was available in this link: , accessed 7 November 2018

Election Commission of Pakistan: Overseas Voting - Bye Elections 2018, accessed 7 November 2018

High Commission for Pakistan: Internet Voting for Overseas Pakistanis, accessed 7 November 2018

“In accordance with the instructions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Election Commission of Pakistan has conveyed that, overseas Pakistanis can get themselves registered for voting between 1st to 15th of September, 2018 on the following links for the upcoming bye-elections in 37 constituencies scheduled to be held on 14 October, 2018.