Our People

International IDEA is a global organization of nearly 200 staff members. Meet the people who are working across our offices in 18 countries to support stronger democratic institutions and processes, and sustainable, effective and legitimate democracy.


Internal Auditor
Elizabeth Kakai
Senior Programme Officer
Brechtje Kemp
Senior Programme Officer
Gram Matenga
Operations Risk Management Officer
Thomas McKean
Programme Manager
Marilyn Neven
Senior Finance and Procurement Officer
Bridget O'Sullivan
Finance and Administrative Manager
Abinash Kumar Pokhrel
Publications Manager
David Prater
Communications Manager
Lynn Simmonds
Special Adviser to the Secretary-General
Adina Trunk
Programme Manager
Alexandra Walcher
Technical Services Manager
Peter Wolf
Senior Programme Officer
Kimana Zulueta-Fülscher
Recruitment Officer
Elizabeth Adu-Lowson
Programme Officer
Khushbu Agrawal
Payroll Officer
Anna-Carin Åhlén
IT Officer
Mohammed Al-Ali
Senior Programme Officer
Zaid Al-Ali
Programme Officer
Saket Ambarkhane
Programme Officer
Lina Antara