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Former staff member

Ye Yint

Former Associate Programme Officer

Ye Yint is an Associate Programme Officer for the MyConstitution Programme in Myanmar. Her special interest is on the social psychology aspects of Myanmar politics.

Ye Yint liaises with Government Ministries, Union and State/Regional Parliaments, the Constitutional Tribunal, the Union Supreme Court, Political Parties, CSOs, EAOs, Universities and Media, to assist workshops by international experts on constitution-building in multi-ethnic societies, conflict and post-conflict settings, federalism, security sector reform, democratic oversight, gender and inclusion.

Ye Yint was a panelist in several academic conferences such as ANU Myanmar Update Conference 2017, IEAA Sponsored Students Forum 2017, and 2016 ANU Seminar-Myanmar Under the NLD. She was awarded the Myanmar Presidential Scholarship in 2015 and was accountable to the Ministry of Education and the Myanmar Embassy in Australia. She also served as the Vice-President of ANU Myanmar Students’ Association in 2018, before joining International IDEA.

MyConstitution, constitution-building
Bachelor of International Security Studies, Australian National University
English, Japanese, Myanmar, Spanish
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