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Sophia Fernandes

Programme Officer

Fernandes implemented the European Union-funded STEP Democracy electoral assistance package in Myanmar while with International IDEA. She oversaw reporting, monitoring & evaluation, coordination and joint representation of all eight partners involved in the project (four international and four national). She also managed International IDEA Myanmar’s research programme, including producing and reviewing content on electoral and legal reform issues, parliamentary assistance and constitution-building.

Fernandes joined the International IDEA Myanmar team in 2014 through the Australian government funded, Australian Youth Ambassador for Development program. Fernandes  assisted International IDEA’s Bhutan programme providing on-the-job training and mentoring of Parliamentary researchers in the National Council and National Assembly of Bhutan.

Fernandes’ previous work experience includes five years as a researcher with the Australian Parliament. This includes work in the Parliamentary Library of Australia, producing research on election systems, governance, political polling and women’s representation, and work in the Senate Committee Office, where she served in the secretariat of the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee.

Elections, democracy and accountability
Master of Public Policy awarded with Merit, (Australian National University, Canberra). Bachelor of Art in Gender Studies, (University of Melbourne, Melbourne).
Bahasa, Burmese, English, French, Melayu
Yangon, Myanmar
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