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Former staff member

Joseph Noonan

Former Associate Programme Officer

Joseph Noonan is an Associate Programme Officer with the Democracy Assessment and Political Analysis unit since 2018.

Noonan's research and work focuses on democracy measurements, with a special emphasis on the continued development and analysis of The Global State of Democracy Indices, a quantitative democracy measurement which was launched in November 2017.

Noonan's previous work experience within International IDEA focused on the development of the first edition of The Global State of Democracy Indices and the first edition of The Global State of Democracy publication. Noonan’s experiences outside of International IDEA include working as a data analyst for a US-based public opinion research firm and working with MapLight, a nonprofit research organization that reveals and tracks the influence of money in politics in the United States.

data analysis, quantitative democracy measurement, Global State of Democracy Indices
BA in Political Science, Sonoma State University, USA
Stockholm, Sweden
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