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Former staff member

Abdurashid Solijonov

Former Programme Officer

Abdurashid Solijonov is a Programme Officer in the Electoral Processes Programme. Solijonov was responsible for maintaining, updating, and developing International IDEA’s election-related datasets.

He regularly conducted global comparative research of legal reforms related to elections and updated datasets accordingly. He also responded to frequent media enquiries related to elections, and developed targeted infographics for social media using data from datasets.

Solijonov previously worked for State Testing Center of Uzbekistan as specialist on educational assessment and statistics. He also served as a research analyst at the Data Processing and Research Center (DPC) in Hamburg which is part of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA).     


International datasets, comparative research and statistics
MSc, Surrey University, UK and MA, Tsukuba University, Japan
English, Russian, Uzbek
Stockholm, Sweden
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