Everything is political: How supporting local governments helped Nepal’s youth see politics differently


Bidi Yolkey Rai, 28, struggles to conduct an online session on the importance of local government committees that deal with Covid-19, the climate impact on agriculture, or road construction. “मलाई सुनि राख्नु भएको छ?” (“Can you hear me?”) She asks from time to time.

The internet in this remote part of Rolpa district is erratic, and the faces of local government officials freeze often on her laptop monitor. Her work is to mentor members of local municipalities to better understand problems, plan solutions and implement them through a deliberative decision-making process.

Ukraine: Party innovation hubs help spark political interest among young activists


Political party innovation hubs in Ukraine help revitalize the appeal of democratic politics and citizen representation among young political activists.

#PROTAGONISTAS: Parity – Power – Youth Campaign


Monitoring the participation of women and youth in Bolivia’s national elections.

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