What diplomats need to know about democracy and elections


International IDEA welcomed the Swedish Diplomatic Training Programme for a deep dive into the world of democracy and elections.

What global democracy trends do I need to keep on my radar screen? What early signs should I look for in spotting democratic backsliding? What detailed and comparative democracy data sources are available to back up these trends and observations?

How do I follow and report on elections? What are the most productive and sustainable ways of assisting the organization of elections? What is the role of elections in post-conflict environments?

Venezuela, Chaos and Duplicity of Powers


The map of the institutional chaos of Venezuela shows two presidents of the government and two of Parliament, with two legislative bodies of a unicameral system, two general prosecutors—one in exile— and two supreme courts of justice— one in the United States—with their respective hierarchs.

The 12th Bali Democracy Forum discussed Democracy and Inclusivity in Asia and the Pacific and beyond


The 12th Bali Democracy Forum (BDF), organized by the Indonesian Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Nusa Dua, Bali on 5-6 December 2019, brought together hundreds of delegates representing government, civil society, media, students and business sector to discuss democracy and inclusivity in Asia and the Pacific region and beyond. The Forum focused on the intertwined concepts of  political and economic inclusivity in view of democracy to thrive.


Political and Economic Inclusivity