Electoral Processes - Development Policy in Practice Workshop


More than 30 students from Uppsala University visited International IDEA HQ on 9 October 2018 as part of their undergraduate course in ‘Development Policy in Practice.’ During their visit, the Electoral Processes Team organized a three-hour workshop focusing on the intersection between elections and development—and how this plays out in practice.

What to expect from the first round of Brazilian elections


Brazil will go to the polls next Sunday, 7 october, to choose the next President of the country, together with the total renovation of the Chamber of Deputies, two thirds of the Federal Senate, State Deputies and Governors. See below the infographics to understand the Brazilian electoral process.

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Planting elections in barren soil? Timing and sequencing of elections after violent conflict


Large-scale violent conflicts are devastating in many ways. They cause death, suffering, destruction of infrastructure and resource depletion.  Somewhat less visible though, is how they tear apart the delicate social fabric within and between communities. Comprehensive peacebuilding efforts are therefore multidimensional, aiming to sustain peace, support economic consolidation, promote reconciliation, and to restore or establish democracy and the good governance.