The Black Box of Democracy: The Old and New Challenges of Political Finance


Unequal distribution of money has a direct bearing first and foremost on the ability of parties and candidates to effectively get their message out to voters. Secondly, money can distort not simply electoral fairness but political equality more broadly, by affording individuals and social groups a greater or lesser ability to further their interests and influence public policies.

Keen interest to learn about the Global State of Democracy at the Third Age University in Bruges


More than 600 persons gathered in the premises of the Third Age University in Bruges, Belgium, to listen to Secretary-General Yves Leterme as he delivered a presentation and answered questions on the state of democracy around the world.

In his speech, the Secretary-General highlighted the holistic approach that International IDEA takes when analyzing democracy based on five attributes: Participatory Engagement, Impartial Administration, Checks on Government, Fundamental Rights and Representative Government.

Regional Director meets with President Iván Duque during his visit to Colombia


The Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of International IDEA, Daniel Zovatto, participated, as a special guest of the National Electoral Council (CNE) and the National Registry of Colombia, in the popular consultation on anti-corruption measures that took place on August 26.

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