Interactions between Elections and Constitution-Building Processes in Fragile and Conflict-affected States

Fourth Edinburgh Dialogue on Post-Conflict Constitution-Building, 2017
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16 May 2018
William Underwood, Sumit Bisarya and Kimana Zulueta-Fülscher

On 4–5 December 2017 International IDEA—together with the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, the Global Justice Academy and the Political Settlements Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh hosted the fourth Edinburgh Dialogue on post-conflict constitution-building.

The topic of the Dialogue was ‘The Quest for Legitimate Stability: Understanding the Interactions between Elections and Constitutions in Fragile and Conflict-affected State Transitions’.

This report summarizes the issues discussed during the Dialogue, including the interaction and sequencing of elections, interim constitutions, final and amended constitutions, and referendums.



1. The variety of possible combinations of electoral and constitution-building processes

2. The functions of elections and referendums in post-conflict constitution-building processes

3. Risks, obstacles and challenges

4. Additional considerations

5. The international assistance community

6. Next steps

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Annex A. Agenda
Annex B. Questions for country case-study experts
Annex C. List of participants

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