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Beginning in the year 2000, Bolivia has entered an important period characterized by the predominance of social movements in the reconfiguration of political power and the increasing participation of women in the public agenda.

The reconfiguration of political power is influenced by the emergence of regional autonomies, which have been granted full powers in the legislative, executive and administrative areas and constitute a cornerstone of the new state structure. International IDEA works towards strengthening the skills of the Regional Autonomous Governments, with emphasis on the quality and transparency of governance, through technical assistance aimed at the construction of a strategic development vision and public policies that promote equality, stability, and environmental sustainability. The rapid expansion of metropolitan areas in the nation's three main autonomous regions - La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz - is a central part of our work.

The projects promoted by International IDEA focus particularly on citizen participation, considering the great social, ethnic, cultural, economic and regional diversity of the country. The gender agenda cuts across all the activities undertaken by International IDEA. We promote greater political participation of women, as well as the participation of youth in the public agenda and the development of a democratic civic culture. We continue to work on the development of intercultural and parity democracy.

In 2019, International IDEA continued to support the country in strengthening its electoral administration skills and its gender equality policies.

As of August 2021, the International IDEA Bolivia Office is closed.


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