1. Is there a ban on donations from foreign interests to political parties? - Tanzania, United Republic of

Tanzania, United Republic of
1. Is there a ban on donations from foreign interests to political parties?

Article 11 (1) A political party, may, for the purposes of financing election expenses, appeal for and receive voluntary donations from any individual or organization, in and outside the United Republic, provided that the source of every donation, exceeding shillings one million for an individual donor and shillings two million for an organization, shall, within thirty days of its receipt, be disclosed to the Registrar by the Board of Trustees of the political party concerned.

Election Expenses Act 2010, Section 11 (1)

Article 13 (1) The funds and other sources of political parties which have been fully registered shall derive from--

(a) membership fees;

(b) voluntary contributions;

(c) the proceeds of any investment, project or undertaking in which the party has an interest;

(d) subvention from the Government;

(e) donations, bequests and grants from any other source

(2) Subject to the provisions of Part III of the Election Expenses Act, every political party shall disclose to the Registrar information relating to any funds or other resources obtained by the party-

(a) from sources outside the United Republic, whether obtained directly or through sources within the United Republic

(b) from foreign organizations stationed within the United Republic

(c) from any person resident in the United Republic who is not a citizen of the United Republic; or

(d) from any source within the United Republic as may be prescribed in the regulations made under this Act,

Political Parties Act, 2019