38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Libya

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

Art 35, 'The following actions will result in a prison sentence that does not exceed one (1) year and a financial fine that does not exceed five thousand Libyan Dinars (5,000 LYD):... 2. Offering and/or pledging to personally benefit a voter in exchange for influencing their vote.' (Source: Law No. 4 of 2012, the General National Congress election)

Art 8.2, 'Prohibition of exercising any form of pressurizing, intimidation, distrust and expiation, or hinting of enticement or promising of materialistic or moral gains to the voter, whether private or public. ' (Source: Decision No. (59) of 2012 on Rectifying the Regulation of Candidate and Political Entities Election Campaigning. High National Elections Commission Board of Commission.)