7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties? - Albania

7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties?
Ndalohet përfitimi i fondeve jopublike, kryer nga subjekte që nuk deklarojnë identitetin e tyre apo identiteti i të cilave është i papërcaktuar qartë nga partia politike përfituese e fondit jopublik.  
Receiving non-public funds donated by entities which fail to declare their identity, or whose identity is not clearly identified by the political party that is the beneficiary of the non-public fund, shall be prohibited. Every electoral subject must record in a designated register, whose template is approved by a CEC decision, the amount of funds benefited by every natural or legal person and other data related to the clear identification of the donor, lender, or creditor. Upon donation, the donor shall sign a declaration stating they are not in any of the circumstances provided for in Article 92/1 of this law and that they hold personal liability for false declaration. The form and content of the declaration shall be approved by the CEC and shall be mandatory to be signed in any case of donation.

Article 23/1 Point 3, Law on Political Parties, updated 2020;  Article 92/2 Point 1, The Electoral Code of the Republic of Albania, 2020