Voting method - Zambia

Voting method
No external voting

Electoral Commission of Zambia, The Electoral Process Act, 2016, accessed 27 July 2021

Lusaka Times, ECZ committed to ensure Diaspora voting is actualized in 2026 (October 25, 2020), accessed 8 September 2021

““The Constitution in its current state does not bar any Zambians from participating in any election. Any Zambian, who holds a green National Registration Card who is 18 years and above is eligible to participate in elections. Citizens in the Diaspora have the right to be able to exercise their vote but not in their respective Jurisdictions because there are certain impediments in the current form. Under the electoral process Act, the current regulations spell out that, firstly, for one to be able to vote, you need to present yourself before a registration officer, so that entails that one has to be physically there,” he said.”