If e-voting is currently being used, what type(s) of technology used? - Bulgaria

If e-voting is currently being used, what type(s) of technology used?
Direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines with and without voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT)

Bulgaria, Electoral Code (2014, amended by SG. 107/18 Dec 2020), accessed 11 April 2021

Articles 265 and 268

OSCE, Limited Election Observation Mission, Bulgaria Parliamentary Elections, 4 April 2021, INTERIM REPORT, accessed 11 April 2021

“The Election Code provides for the use of voting machines in polling stations with a minimum of 300 registered voters. Voters will have a choice between voting on paper or through an electronic device equipped with a touchscreen. Many ODIHR LEOM interlocutors voiced concerns that parallel application of paper and electronic ballots might confuse voters, complicate completion of the result protocols and tabulation, and fail to enhance confidence in or provide operational benefits to the process.

The CEC is mandated by law with determining the arrangements for machine voting and supervising its implementation. The CEC launched a public procurement to purchase 9,600 voting devices, provide software and training for all levels of the election administration, and awarded the tender to a private vendor, Ciela Norma. Many ODIHR LEOM interlocutors questioned if the CEC has the effective control over the machine voting process, as most of the activities are outsourced.”