3. Is there a ban on corporate donations to political parties? - Moldova, Republic of

Moldova, Republic of
3. Is there a ban on corporate donations to political parties?

There is no ban on corporate donations to political parties. However, the limit on the amount of the donation as well as the limitation of the types of legal entities applies.


(5) The donations made by a legal person to one or more political parties in a budget year

may not exceed the sum of 12 average monthly salaries per economy established for the

respective year. The legal person making a cash donation to a political party must present the

decision of its competent bodies regarding the donation, record the donation and reflect it in its accounting reports, as well as inform its shareholders or members about the operations

(6) It is prohibited the financing, the provision of services free of charge or the material
support in any form, direct and / or indirect, of political parties by: […]
d) public authorities, organizations, enterprises, public institutions, other legal entities financed from the public budget or which have state capital, except in cases where the provision of services or material support is expressly provided by law;
e) legal entities that, at the date of making the donation, have outstanding debts older than 60 days to the state budget, to the state social insurance budget or to the compulsory health insurance fund;
e(1)) legal entities that, in the last 3 years, have concluded public procurement contracts for works, goods or services within the meaning of Law no. 131/2015 on public procurement;
f) legal entities with foreign or mixed capital, legal entities from abroad;
g) other states and international organizations, including international political organizations;
h) non-commercial, trade union, charitable or religious organizations.
Source: Art. 26(5-6), Law on Political Parties, 2007 (amended 2020)