38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - India

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?



"The following shall be deemed corrupt practices for the purposes of this ACT: 'Any gift, offer or promise by a candidate or his agent or by any other person with the consent of a candidate or his election agent of any gratification, to any person whomsoever, with the object, directly or indirectly of inducing an elector to vote or refrain from voting at an election" 

"For the purposes of this clause the term "gratification" is not restricted to pecuniary gratification or gratifications estimable in money and it includes all forms of entertainment and all forms of employment for reward but it does not include the payment of any expenses bona fide incurred at, or for the purpose of, any election and duly entered in the account of election expenses referred to in section 78."

Source: Representation of People's Act, 1951.