38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Ethiopia

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

142. Bribery and Abuse of Force or Power

Any political party, independent candidate, coalition, front, alliance or movement, as well as any political party leader, official, candidate, member, agent or representative who,

  1. offers or receives monetary or any kind of inducement or bribe.

  2. interferes or disturbs the voting process or counting of votes.

  3. coerces or offers monetary or any kind of inducement to persons to vote for or against a particular party or candidate, or to abstain from voting.

  4. controls polling stations by force or tries to get votes illegally.

  5. Abuses power by offering a reward, threatening a penalty or by any other means.

  6. coerces or offers monetary or any other kind of inducement to person to become a candidate or not to became a candidate, to withdraw or not to withdraw from an election

  7. As a public servant, uses official time, responsibilities and resources to promote candidates or discourage other candidates from promoting themselves through legal means;

  8. Uses public property for election campaigns shall be deemed to have committed an act of ethical violation.


The Ethiopian Electoral and Political Parties Proclamation No…/2019