3. Is there a ban on corporate donations to political parties? - North Macedonia, Republic of

North Macedonia, Republic of
3. Is there a ban on corporate donations to political parties?

The political parties cannot be financed by:

- governments, international institutions, bodies and organizations of foreign states and other foreign entities,

- state and local bodies with funds other than the ones envisaged in the Budget of the Republic of Macedonia, except the funds envisaged in this Law and the laws on elections,

- public institutions, public enterprises, public funds or other legal entities that manage state capital,

- public enterprises, public institutions and public funds established by the municipalities,

- enterprises that have at least 20% participation of state-owned capital, public institutions and institutions including those that have initiated the process of privatization,

- private enterprises that, at the moment of giving the contribution to the political party, render public services to state bodies or public institutions, enterprises and funds based on an agreement,

- citizens’ associations (non-governmental organizations), religious communities or religious groups,

- funds of enterprises with mixed capital where a dominant owner is a foreign investor, and

- anonymous or unidentified sources.


Article 20, Law on Financing Political Parties, 2018