Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation? - Portugal

Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?
No, e-voting is not used currently

Portugal, Law governing Elections to the Assembly of the Republic Law no. 14/79 of 16 May 1979 (last amended by Organic Law no. 10/2015 of 14 August 2015), [English], accessed 11 September 2019

Article 96: Manner in which each elector votes

1. When he presents himself at the ballot table, each elector shall give his electoral registration number and name and shall hand the presiding officer his identity card, if he has it.

2. In the absence of his identity card, the elector shall be identified by means of any other document that contains an up-to-date photograph and is generally used for identification purposes, or by means of two registered electors who swear to his identity on their honour, or by unanimous recognition by the members of the board of officers.

3. Once the elector has been recognised, the presiding officer shall say the elector’s registration number and name out loud and, once his registration has been verified, shall then hand him a voting slip.

4. The elector shall then enter the polling booth located in the station and there, alone, shall mark the square pertaining to the list for which he is voting with a cross and fold the slip in four.

5. The elector shall then return to the ballot table and hand the voting slip to the presiding officer, who shall place it in the urn, while the scrutineers note that the elector has voted by initialling the line in the electoral roll books that corresponds to his name, in the column intended for that purpose.

6. If the elector inadvertently damages the slip, he must ask the presiding officer for another one and return the first one to him. The presiding officer shall write the note “unusable” on the slip that has been returned, initial it and keep it for the purposes of Article 95(7).

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