38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Myanmar

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

"Section 66

The following are malpractices:

(a) committing the following offences by Hluttaw candidate himself or his election agent or any person with the approval of one of them:

     (i) giving or taking bribes;

(e) with the prompting or consent of the Hluttaw candidate or his election agent:

     (i) accepting bribe or agreeing to accept bribe by a person or in gratitude, with the intention of participating or not as a Hluttaw candidate or resigning from being a Hluttaw representative;

     (ii) agreeing to accept bribe for himself or for other person with the intention of inducing or attempting to induce a voter to vote for a particular candidate or to abstain from voting;

(g) any other person who is not a Hluttaw candidate or an election agent of a Hluttaw candidate, without permission of such candidate with a view to electing him or abets him to be elected as a Hluttaw candidate, incur expenses or permits to incur expenses by means of convening meeting or distributes paper or documents
or any other way."

Source: Section 66 (a i) (e) (g), Hluttaws Election Law, 2010