7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties? - Myanmar

7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties?

"Section 6

In the application filed under Section 5, it shall be admitted that the followings shall be abided.

     (f) Abstaining from accepting and using directly or indirectly money, property, other aids from the government of any foreign country, any religious organization, any other organization or any person or, not accepting their influence

Section 12

(a) A party shall not be entitled to subsist as a political party if it is involved with any of the followings.

     (v) Being found that the organization obtained and used directly or indirectly money, land, house, building, vehicle, property owned by the State

Section 15

(a) Fund owned by the party and the accounts shall be raised, consolidated, kept in the following ways.

     (i) Party admission fees and party monthly fees collected under Section 11

     (ii) Cash or assets that are donated by individual citizen, or organization or citizenowned company or group of companies in the country, from the money and properties they legally obtained, to the party

     (iii) Money and profit that are legally obtained from the businesses owned by the party"

Source: Section 6 (f), Section 12 (a) (v), Section 15 (a), Political Parties Registration Law, 2010