38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Ghana

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?



33. (1) A person commits the offence of bribery -

(a) if he directly, or acting through another person –

(i) gives money, or obtains an office for a voter in order to induce the voter to vote, or refrain from voting; or

(ii) corruptly does such an act on account of a voter having voted, or restrained from voting; or

(iii) makes a gift, or provides something of value to a voter to induce the voter to vote in a certain way, or to obtain the election of a candidate; or

b) if he advances, or pays money, or causes money to be paid to, or for the use of a person, with the intent that the money, or part of it shall be expended in bribery at an election, or knowingly pays money, or causes money to be paid to a person in discharge, or repayment of money wholly, or in part expended in bribery at an election; or

(c) if, before or during an election he directly or indirectly, by himself or through another person acting on his behalf, receives, agrees, or contracts for money, gift, a loan or valuable consideration, or an office, place or employment for himself, or for another person for voting, or agreeing to vote, or for refraining, or agreeing to refrain from voting; or

(d) if after an election he directly, or through another person receives money, or valuable consideration on account of a person having voted, or refrained from voting, or having induced another person to vote, or to refrain from voting.

Source: Article 33(1), Representation of the People Law, 1992.