7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties? - Bosnia and Herzegovina

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7. Is there a ban on anonymous donations to political parties?

"(1) Financing political parties shall be prohibited to: a) State, entity and cantonal bodies, bodies of Brčko District of BiH, and city and municipal bodies, b) Public institutions, c) Public enterprises, d) Humanitarian organizations, e) Anonymous donators, f) Religious communities, g) Labor unions, associations and other non-profit organizations, which are financed by public funds regardless of the amount, h) Legal entities in which invested capital amounts at least 25%, i) Other states, foreign parties and foreign legal entities. (2) The prohibition referred to in paragraph (1), point a) of this article shall not relate to use of business premises, which are used by political parties pursuant to the decision of a competent body. (3) Exceptionally, financing prohibition referred to paragraph (1), point i) of this Article does not refer to financing educational programs, aimed at developing and promoting democratic goals. (4) Private enterprises that closed contract on public procurement of services, contract on public procurement of goods or public procurement of work with the bodies of executive authorities at all levels in BiH in accordance with the regulations on public procurement in BiH, cannot financially support political parties if the value of the contract in one calendar year exceeds the amount of 10.000,00 KM (ten thousand convertible marks). (5) Political parties cannot obtain any incomes from property that is not owned by them. (6) It is prohibited to give contributions in cash or in kind contributions through third persons (by a proxy). (7) Likely contributions paid from sources prohibited in paragraph (1) and (6) of this Article to the account of a political party, as well as contributions exceeding the amount set in Article 6 of this Article, and possible payments of contributions by anonymous sources, shall be paid to the BiH budget by a political party, no later than eight days following receipt of such contributions."

Source: Aricle 8, LAW ON POLITICAL PARTY FINANCING 2012 (with 2016 amendments)