4. Is there a ban on corporate donations to candidates? - Thailand

4. Is there a ban on corporate donations to candidates?

"Section 55       No person shall provide the vehicle to bring a voter to a polling place for an election or to take a voter back from a polling place without paying normal fares or wages, to induce or control the voter to cast a vote for any candidate or political party.

Section 56       No person not being of Thai nationality shall support an election campaign or commit any act for the benefit of an election in a manner favorable or unfavorable to any candidate or political party except when such act is committed to support a government service or committed honestly in an ordinary course of business of such person.

Section 57       No State official shall, by exercising the function unlawfully, commit any act to be favorable or unfavorable to a candidate or a political party."

Source: Section 55 paragraph one, Section 56, Section 57 paragraph one, Organic Act on Election of Members of the House of Representatives and Installation of Senators, 2007