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38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

Art 301.1 ‘(Coercion or fraudulent fraud about the voter) 1. Whoever uses violence or threatens any voter, of deception, fraudulent devices, false news or any other unlawful means to embarrass or induce to vote or to leave to vote in a certain candidacy shall be punished by imprisonment for up to one year.’

Art 310 ‘(Coercion on employment) Whoever applies or threatens to apply to any citizen whatsoever punishment, notably dismissal, or prevent or threaten to prevent you from gaining employment if you vote or fail to vote or because you voted or did not vote in a sense, or because he has participated or not participated in a campaign for the elections, will be punished with imprisonment of up to two years, without prejudice to the nullity punishment and automatic readmission in employment if the dismissal has come to fruition.’

Art 311 ‘(Fraud and Voter Corruption) 1. Who, because of the elections, offer, promise or grant public or private employment or something else or advantage to one or more voters or, by agreement with to a third person, even when the thing or used, promised or disguised as pecuniary compensation to the voter for travel or accommodation expenses or for payment of food or drink or on the pretext of expenditures on the election campaign shall be punished imprisonment for up to one year. 2. The same penalty shall be applied to the voter who accepts any of the benefits provided in the preceding paragraph’

(Source Codigo Eleitoral 2010)