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Costa Rica
Voting method

Costa Rica, TSE, Electoral Code (Law No. 8765): Electoral Act (as of 8-18-2016), accessed 3 February 2022

ARTICLE 189 - Polling stations abroad

The TSE can set up the polling stations it deems necessary to guarantee the participation of citizens abroad. The polling stations can be located in the diplomatic missions that Costa Rica maintains abroad or in a location proposed by the consular authority and authorized by the Tribunal. The Tribunal must notify the voters of the location of polling stations opportunely.

ARTICLE 190 - Application for transfer of election domicile

Citizens who are eager to vote from abroad must apply to the TSE for the transfer of election domicile or in the form stipulated by the latter. If this application is made at a diplomatic mission, it shall be passed on to the Tribunal for final approval. To this end, the same formalities as those stipulated for changes of electoral domicile in-country shall be followed.