44. Are there limits on traditional media advertising spending in relation to election campaigns? - Kyrgyzstan

44. Are there limits on traditional media advertising spending in relation to election campaigns?

Chapter V Information support of elections

Article 22 Provision of information to voters and holding of election campaign


18. Mass media, whose founder or co-founders are state power bodies and local governments or their subordinated agencies and enterprises, which are fully or partially funded by the republican budget or local budgets, or mass media with tax and other mandatory payment privileges as compared to other mass media, must provide equal opportunities to candidates and political parties for election campaigning.

Article 25 Election campaign via print media

1. Periodical printed mass media that fall under item 18 of Article 22 hereof and are disseminated in the territory of the elections, except for the newspapers founded by state power bodies and local governments exceptionally for publication of official information and materials, normative and other legal acts, must allocate free space no less than one A 4 format page in print mass media, to candidates and political parties. As for specialized print media (children’s, technical, scientific and others), they may refuse publishing any campaigning materials provided they are fully out of any form of campaigning.

Article 24 Election campaign via TV and radio

1. Candidates and political parties nominating list of candidates shall have the right to get free air time on the TV and radio channels that fall under item 18, Article 22 hereof and broadcast within the territory of the elections. The mentioned air time should be provided in the period, when TV and radio programs gather the largest audience, namely between 8 pm – 12 pm.

(Constitutional Law of the Kyrgyz Republic On elections of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and deputies of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, 2011, available at http://www.legislationline.org/download/action/download/id/4016/file/Kyrgyz_Const_Law_Presidential_and_parliam_Elections_2011_en.pdfaccessed February 2018).