Voting method - Zimbabwe

Voting method

ELECTORAL ACT (Act 25/2004, 17/2007, 1/2008, 3/2012. SIs. 13B/2008, 43/2008, 96/2008, 85/2013)

PART XIV. POSTAL VOTING [Part XIV (sections 71 – 80) substituted by Act 3 of 2012]

71. Interpretation in Part XIV

The reference in section 73(2)(b)(ii) to a “letter” includes a reference to a letter sent by way of electronic mail, under the following conditions—

(a) the sender (that is, the person referred to in 73(2)(b)(ii)(A) or (B) and recipient (that is, the applicant for a postal vote) must both use official electronic mail addresses; and

(b) the electronic mail sent by sender must be authenticated by the electronic signature of the sender; and (c) the electronic mail must be embodied in a hard copy printed by the recipient, which copy shall be the “letter” referred to in 73(2)(b)(ii).

72. Persons who may vote by post

Where an election is to be held in a constituency, a person who is registered as a voter on the roll for that constituency shall be entitled to vote by post in terms of this Part if, on all polling days in the election, he or she will be outside Zimbabwe—

(a) on duty in the service of the Government; or

(b) as the spouse of a person referred to in paragraph (a);

and so unable to vote at a polling station in the constituency.