38. Is there a ban on vote buying? - Tajikistan

38. Is there a ban on vote buying?

Article  58.

Persons who impede the citizens of Republic of Tajikistan to free use of their suffrage and of their right to be elected and the right of conducting of pre-electoral campaign, by force, deceptions, threats and by other ways and also the members of the electoral commissions, officials from the state agencies and political parties, who commit falsification of the electoral documents and intentionally count the votes in wrongly, infringe the secrecy of voting and infringe this law in other ways are brought to responsibility in accordance with the provisions of law. Also, persons who humiliate the honor and dignity of the candidate by publication of defamation in press or by other means, or insult the members of electoral commissions are also called for responsibility.

 (Constitutional Law of the Republic of Tajikistan, On Elections to the Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan, 1999, available at http://base.mmk.tj/view_sanadhoview.php?showdetail=&sanadID=6 accessed January 2018).


Article 37. Persons who by force, fraudulence, threat or other ways impede citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan in exercising right to elect or be elected the President of the republic or in conducting of pre-election campaign, as well as members of election commissions and government and public officials, who knowingly falsify electoral papers, miscount votes, violate secret ballot or commit other violations of the present Constitutional law shall respond in accordance with Law.

(Constitutional law of the Republic of Tajikistan on Election of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, 1994, available at http://base.mmk.tj/view_sanadhoview.php?showdetail=&sanadID=7 accessed January 2018).