Voting method - Georgia

Voting method

Georgia, Election Code (last amended 2 July 2020), accessed 2 November 2020

Article 1 - Scope of the Law

This Law regulates relations connected with preparation and conduct of referenda, plebiscites, and elections of the President of Georgia, the Parliament of Georgia, a municipality representative body called Sakrebulo (‘the Sakrebulo’), and of a municipality executive body - a Mayor. This Law establishes the rights and guarantees of election participants, the procedure for the establishment of the Electoral Administration of Georgia and its powers; also, where so provided for by this Law, the procedure for resolution of disputes

Article 23 - Electoral precincts

7.  Electoral precincts abroad shall be set up by the CEC based on data provided by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Georgia, not later than the 30th day before Election Day, for not less than 20 and not more than 3 000 voters. The CEC shall summarize the results of the above electoral precincts in separate protocols.

Article 134 - Active and passive suffrage

6. Voters permanently residing abroad on the day the elections are called, or voters temporarily staying outside Georgia on Election Day, shall not participate in the elections for a municipality representative body – the Sakrebulo or Mayor of a self-governing city/community.