Voting method - Armenia

Voting method

Electoral Code of the Republic of Armenia (amended as of 29 October 2016)

Article 62.   Organisation of voting in diplomatic and consular representations

1.  Electors who are on diplomatic service in diplomatic or consular representations of the Republic of Armenia, as well as members of their families residing abroad with them  and  having  the  right  to  elect,  in  case  of  being  out side  of  the  territory  of  the Republic of Armenia, on the voting day, may participate in elections  of the National Assembly by voting electronically in the manner and within the time limits prescribed by  the  Central  Electoral  Commission.  The  Central  Electoral  Commission  shall  be obliged  to  establish  such  terms  for  electronic  voting  that  would  ensure  free expression of will of voters and  secrecy of voting. Electors voting electronically shall give their votes only to political parties running in elections.

2.  Electronic  voting  may  be  held  after  the  end  of  the  time  limit  established  for registration  of  the  electoral  lists  for  the  political  parties  running  in  elections  of  the National Assembly, but no later than 5 days before the voting day.

3.  The provisions of this Article shall also extend to military servants seconded for a long  period  of  time  to  or  those  studying  in  foreign  states,  as  well  as  to  persons employed at representations of legal persons registered in the Republic of Armenia, which  are  located  abroad  (irrespective  of  the  form  of  ownership),  and  their  family members residing with them abroad and having the right to elect.


The Law On Referendum Of The Republic Of Armenia

CHAPTER VII. The Procedure for preparation and conduct of voting

Article27: Preparation and conduct of voting In diplomatic and consular missions: preparation and conduct of voting for the arrested and detained

The procedure for preparation and conduct of voting in the diplomatic and consular missions, the preparation and conduct of voting of arrested, detained, including procedure for penetration into the precinct center, registration of the citizens eligible for participation in the referendum, the procedure of the voting is defined in the RA Electoral Code.