'Under the Acts of 4 July 1989, 19 May 1994 (on expenditure on elections to the Walloon,Flemish, Brussels-Capital Region and German-speaking Community parliaments), and 7 July1994 (on expenditure on elections to provincial, municipal and district councils), the politicalparties and candidates for elections are required9 to draw up after each election (within 45 daysof federal and regional elections and 30 days for elections below regional level), a declaration ofexpenditures and sources of income showing a list of donors who have made donations of morethan EUR 125. The declarations of political parties are deposited a) in the case of federal andregional elections, with the chair of the main electoral office of the constituency in which the partyhas its headquarters; b) in the case of other elections, with the president of the court of firstinstance of the constituency in which the party has its headquarters. Candidates are required tosend their declaration, with the same deadline, to the President of their constituency?s centralelection office. The list of donors who have made donations of more than EUR 125 must be sentto the federal commission directly.' (p. 9) 'Section 16 bis imposes certain ceilings on donations. For example, parties and their components,lists, candidates and political office holders may each receive annually as donations from thesame individual a sum not exceeding EUR 500, or its equivalent value. Donors may disburseeach month a total not exceeding EUR 2 000 or its equivalent value on donations to parties andtheir components, lists, candidates and political office holders.' (p. 10)