Sec 95 (c) (d), (page 30) ?(c) Natural and juridical persons who hold contracts or sub-contracts to supply thegovernment or any of its divisions, subdivisions or instrumentalities, with goods orservices or to perform construction or other works;(d) Natural and juridical persons who have been granted franchises, incentives, exemptions, allocations or similar privileges or concessions by the government or any ofits divisions, subdivisions or instrumentalities, including government-owned or controlled corporations;?Sec 94 (a), (page 29) ?Definitions. - As used in this Article:(a) The term 'contribution' includes a gift, donation, subscription, loan, advance or deposit of money or anything of value, or a contract, promise or agreement to contribute,whether or not legally enforceable, made for the purpose of influencing the results of the elections but shall not include services rendered without compensation by individualsvolunteering a portion or all of their time in behalf of a candidate or political party. It shall also include the use of facilities voluntarily donated by other persons, the moneyvalue of which can be assessed based on the rates prevailing in the area.'