Chapter 2, Article 16: 'The groups covered by this law should refrain from the following cases and matters in their publications, assemblies and other activities:A- Committing acts which may violate independence of the state.B- Any kinds of contacts, exchange of information and collusion with embassies, legations, government organs and parties of foreign countries, at any level and in any form, which may be harmful and injurious to freedom, independence and national unity and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.C- Receiving any kind of financial and logistical assistance from foreigners.D- Violation of legitimate freedom of others.E- Resorting to accusations, slander and rumor mongering.F- Violation of national unity and perpetration of some acts such as planning to disintegrate the country.G- Making efforts to create and intensify the division within ranks of the nation, using various cultural, religious and racial grounds existing in the society of Iran.H- Violating Islamic standards and the basis of the Islamic Republic.I- Anti-Islamic propaganda and publication of seditious books and literature.J- Hiding, keeping and carrying unauthorized arms and ammunitions.'Chapter 2, Article 18: 'Budgets of groups must be provided by legitimate and legal means and be spent in legitimate and legal ways and means.Note: The incomes and expenses of the licensed groups are to be registered in legal books and to be put at the disposal of the Article 10 Commission for its investigation, at the end of the fiscal year.'