Mélida Jiménez

Acting Programme Manager
Democracy assessments and measurements: local, national and global, local democracy, sub-national governance and decentralization


Mélida Jiménez is Acting Progamme Manager of the Democracy Assessment and Political Analysis Programme. 

Her work focuses on democracy assessments and measurements. Her most recent work included the development of The Global State of Democracy Indices, a quantitative democracy measurement which was launched in November 2017.

In addition to this, her work includes providing advice and capacity-building on the conduct of qualitative democracy assessments at the local and national level, the development of assessment related tools and knowledge products.

She has been responsible for the development of International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy Indices and the State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework.

Jiménez work experience includes providing support to in-country democracy assessment initiatives in Bhutan, Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Zambia, Moldova, Ukraine and Ghana, amongst others. 

Recent Op-Ed:

Is democracy in a worldwide decline? We measured it. Here's what we found., The Washington Post, Monkey Cage, 15 November 2017

MA in Political Science (Gothenburg University, Sweden).
Contact Information: 
Stockholm, Sweden