How to do an Assessment

How to do an assessment

The questionnaire is a guide to drive, focus and target the collection of structured information for analysis.

The framework is focused not only on identifying problems or gaps in accountability but also on how these can be overcome. In order to devise possible actions leading towards reform, the assessment process needs to demonstrate a number of characteristics that allow a locally owned process to take place. More specifically, the framework is designed to be:

Service-specific, as it targets particular services and how democratic-accountability mechanisms perform in such services; Problem-based, as it requires the identification of particular problems at specific phases in the policy process, which are then subject to the assessment;
Action-oriented, as it seeks to lay the groundwork for improving accountability arrangements along the policy chain, thereby providing means of redress where providers fail in their obligations; and Inclusive, as it is open to integrate a variety of political actors and other stakeholders in the analysis of accountability in the delivery of public services.

   Getting Prepared

  • How to set the objectives of the assessment
  • How to constitute the assessment team
  • How to plan and budget  
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   Getting Empowered

  • How to constitute the Consultative Group
  • How to assure influence

   Getting Focused

  • How to draw accountability relationships
  • How to sharpen the focus on problems
  • How to map the policy process

   Getting Answers

  • How to develop your own questionnaire
  • How to collect information

   Getting Findings

  • How to analyze the assessment results
  • How to capture findings and draw conclusions
  • How to formulate recommendations

   Getting It Right

  • How to present findings and proposals
  • How to validate findings and proposals

   Getting Influence

  • How to sharpen the communication strategy
  • Launch
  • Why and how to engage with the media in promoting accountability

   Implementing Change

  • How to Facilitate action-oriented dialogues
  • Forging alliances

Disclaimer: Maps presented do not imply on the part of the Institute any judgement on the legal status of any territory or the endorsement of such boundaries, nor does the placement or size of any country or territory reflect the political view of International IDEA. Maps are used in order to add visual clarity to data.