If e-voting is currently being used, what type(s) of technology used? - Brazil

If e-voting is currently being used, what type(s) of technology used?
Direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machines with and without voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT)

The voting machine is a DRE without VVPAT. Although, in the next elections (2018) there will be in operation 30.000 new voting machines with VVPAT.


ELECTIONS LAW – LAW N. 9,504 OF SEPTEMBER 30th, 1997 (with amendments till 2012) 

Article 59. 

Paragraph 1 Electronic voting shall be made through the number of the candidate or party, with the name and photo of the candidate and the name or acronym of the  party appearing on the panel of the voting machine; the noun designating the position the candidate is running for shall be expressed in the appropriate gender (male or female) according to the case.

- TSE Dec. of 19.OCT.2010 in PA 348383: impossibility of replacing candidate data between the 1st and 2nd rounds of the election.

Paragraph 2 In the voting for proportional elections, those votes for which it is not possible to identify the candidate, provided that the number of the party identifier is entered correctly, shall be counted towards the party.

Paragraph 3 The electronic ballot shall display the screens for proportional elections first and then those for majority elections.

Paragraph 4 The electronic ballot box shall have features that allow the digital registration of each vote and the identification of the ballot box that received the vote through a digital signature mechanism, yet maintaining the anonymity of the voter.

Paragraph 5 It shall be incumbent upon the Electoral Justice to define the security key and the identification of the electronic ballot box mentioned in Paragraph 4 .

Paragraph 6 At the end of the election, the electronic ballot box shall digitally sign the voting file generated with the use of time stamps and a ballot box bulletin file so as to prevent the substitution of votes and the changing of voting records regarding start and end times of the voting process.

Paragraph 7 The Superior Electoral Court shall make electronic ballot boxes available to voters for training purposes.


Data has been confirmed by TSE on 28 June 2017