Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation? - Bulgaria

Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?
Yes, in politically-binding national elections (elections for public office or direct democracy initiatives) Yes, in politically-binding sub-national elections (e.g. elections for regional legislature or executive office etc.)

The Electoral Code Referendum of 2015 introduced e-voting in the country and was subsequently experimented with during the 2015 local elections and 2016 presidential elections. While the CEC had high hopes that electronic voting would be introduced in all voting sections for the 2017 parliamentary elections, it was called off when the firm, Lireks, was unable to deliver the machines and install the software necessary for electronic voting by the stipulated dates. Thus, paper ballots were reintroduced instead.

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Promulgated, State Gazette No.19 (Amended on March 7th 2017)

Article 268
Conduct of Voting by Voting Machine Ballot

268.1 In machine voting, the voter, after being admitted to voting, shall be given access to the voting device.

268.2 The voter shall vote by means of a magnetic card, with the device displaying a ballot identical with the paper ballot. The voter shall have an option not to vote for any one party, coalition or nomination committee.

268.3 The voter shall mark unequivocally the vote thereof for a candidate list and, if he or she so wishes, shall express the preference thereof for a candidate on the candidate list of a party or coalition of his or her choice. The voter may change the choice thereof once before confirming it.

268.4 After the choice is confirmed, the vote of the voter shall be saved and stored in an electronic ballot box which shall not allow disclosure of the identity of the voter and the voting choice. The voter shall receive a message that the voting has been completed, a control receipt showing the vote shall be printed out, and the said receipt shall be deposited in a special machine voting box.

268.5 After the receipt is deposited in the box, the voter shall return the magnetic card, shall sign the electoral roll, shall be given the documents thereof back, and shall leave the polling site. The fact that the voter has voted by means of voting machine shall be noted in the column designated "Notes" of the electoral roll.

268.6 After the completion of the voting, the information on the choice made shall become inaccessible to the next voter, and the voting choice shall be deleted as well.

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