Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation? - Ethiopia

Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?
No, e-voting is not used currently

Ethiopia does not useelectronic voting.  The Electoral Law ofEthiopia Amendment Proclamation No.532/2007gives the voting procedure.

Upon arrival at thepolling station, the elector shall hand his/her elector's card to the electoralofficers of the polling station, whereupon they shall proceed to verify the identityby examining the card. After verification of identity, and that s/he has notvoted in accordance with sub article (1) above, the elector shall be made tosign in the column of the electoral roll designated for the purpose.

After the elector signed on the electoral roll,his/her thumb, if s/he doesn't have a thumb, any other finger, shall be markedwith indelible ink after which the voter shall be handed a ballot paper and directedto the voting booth. If the voter doesn’t have fingers, the election officersshall allow him/her to vote after ascertaining that s/he has not already voted.The voter then proceeds to the booth. In the booth, the elector shall put onthe ballot paper an 'X' or a thumb mark in the square correspondingto the symbol of the candidate for whom s/he wants to vote, after which s/heshall fold the ballot paper and insert it in the ballot box placed in front ofand in close sight to observers.

Illiterate electors shall vote by pressing one oftheir fingers in the square corresponding to the symbol of the candidate forwhom they want to vote after dipping it in the ink made available for thispurpose.