Voting method - Afghanistan

Voting method
No external voting

Although the election law theoretically permits external voting (Article 5), the website of the election commission does not provide any information about the possibility of voting from abroad. 


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Ministry of Justice, Official Gazette, Extraordinary Issue, 25th September 2016, Election Law, accessed 8 September 2019

Right to Participate in Election

Article 5(1) Vote eligible citizens including men and women shall have the right to register as a voter or a candidate and participate in elections.

(2) In case persons mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article are deprived of the right to register and or the right to elect or be elected, they have the right to file a complaint with the relevant competent authority.

(3) Every voter shall have the right to have access to a polling center to exercise his/her vote.

(4) Eligible voters shall have equal right of vote which they use directly in elections. Imposing any kind of direct or indirect restrictions on voters and candidates on the basis of language, religion, ethnicity, sex, clan, region, residency and social or occupational status and or disability shall be prohibited.

(5) Kuchis, refugees, staff of diplomatic missions based abroad, military personnel and eligible prisoners shall have the right to participate, if possible, in elections in separate polling centers established by the Commission.